lee williams boudakian, 2014 Guest Facilitator

photooflee2lee, is a queer gender diverse mixie living in Vancouver, unceded Coast Salish territories. they are cultivating a practice that includes interdisciplinary art-making, writing, performing, community organizing and facilitating arts-based workshops. their work currently explores intersectional identities and social justice – seeking to share un(der)represented stories of survival and make visible systemic oppressions that impact daily life, relationships, and bodies.

lee believes deeply in unlearning the canon(s) of misinformation. they have trained as both an artist and facilitator in institutional and non-institutional spaces, with their greatest learnings occurring through the life-stuff that is found in the day-to-day of living and striving to overcome and come together (and therefore it has been the mistakes, the misunderstandings, the “failings,” the gaps, the aporia, and the challenges that have informed much of their real growth). lee is daily awakened by the courage, compassion and wisdom of the many incredible people who together challenge the dominant, apathetic, and oppressive.

lee has exhibited their visual arts, published their writings, and performed both nationally and internationally. their current work, Dear Armen, a play about a gender diverse queer Armenian and inspired by the life and work of Armen Ohanian, will tour New York City, Toronto, and Montreal in the spring of 2014, and San Francisco & Oakland in the fall of 2014.

more info on Dear Armen can be found at: www.deararmen.com

Photo credit: Sylwia Kisynska; Art in background Evan Sabourin