2014 Summer Writing Institute

The 2014 Summer Writing Institute

 Building off of the great success and energy of SWBs inaugural offering, the 2013 Memoir Reading & Writing Intensive (read praise for that work here), SWB is excited to present, The 2014 Summer Writing Institute Taking place June – July 2014 in Vancouver, BC, Unceded Coast Salish Territories

Developed in collaboration with guest facilitators, David Ball, and lee williams boudakian, the 2014 Summer Writing Institute is offering three cutting-edge writing Intensives (descriptions linked below) where participants from a diversity of experience levels, and genres of interest, will have the unique opportunity to participate in a rigorous, intergenerational, diverse, and intersectional community of writers. Through each Intensive participants will:

  • explore, nourish and grow their creativity;
  • develop their craft; and
  • engage in meaningful consideration of important questions regarding response/abilities of the writer/artist as a socially, politically, and culturally engaged actor in our world.

The Institute emerges from the belief that the role of the story-writer, and the storyteller, has perhaps never been more important as we, with increasing urgency, require new narratives to assist us in repairing parts of ourselves, our communities, and our world that are broken. As such, the Institute centres story-writing and storytelling as cultural forms, artistic practices, and political tools, that require and deserve training, mentorship, and collaboration.

The Intensives
(Click on each to learn more)

The Story We Be: The Craft of Memoir & Personal Narrative
Facilitator: mia susan amir
Date: June 9th – July 18th
Number of Workshops: 7
Registration fee: $150.00 – $350.00

Witness: Tools in Reporting & Journalistic Prose

Facilitator: David Ball
Date: June 30th – July 18th
Number of Workshops: 3
Registration fee: $100.00 – $200.00

From the Body: Writing Our Selves for Performance

Facilitator: lee williams boudakian
Date: June 22nd – July 18th
Number of Workshops: 5
Registration fee: $100.00 – $250.00